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Poker Bot 'Pluribus' Beats Top Humans In Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em

Poker has long been used as a challenge problem in AI research because, as Brown and Sandholm explain in their latest scientific paper, Superhuman AI for multiplayer poker published in Science Magazine, "No other popular recreational game captures the challenges of hidden information as effectively and as elegantly as poker." Until now however, no bot has been able to reliably beat human players in a multi-player format, the way that poker is typically played. Pluribus was designed for six-max NLHE and took on some top poker players, all with successful six-max results and over $1 million in earnings.

Two separate experiments were conducted with Pluribus, one using five humans and one AI format (5H+1AI) and another that tested out one human against five AIs (1H+5AI), wherein five copies of Pluribus played each other and one human player, but were unable to collude or communicate in any way. In both experiments, the bot was found to have a significantly reliable win rate over the human players. Buy Cheap Texas Hold'em Poker Chips on with Cheap Price and Safe Payment.

Pluribus, however, still came out on top, as it taught itself six-player Texas Hold ’em while formulating strategies that were very different from how humans played the game. The bot learned the timing of huge bets and bluffs, and produced a combination of unpredictability and bold moves that humans simply could not match.

Pluribus isn’t the first poker-playing A.I. to defeat human professionals. In 2017, the bot’s creators, Noam Brown and Tuomas Sandholm, developed an earlier iteration of the program called Libratus. This A.I. decisively defeated four poker pros across 120,000 hands of two-player Texas Hold’em, but as the Facebook blog post explains, was limited by the fact that it only faced off with one opponent at a time.
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